IVF Round 2: Genetic Testing Results

We received our genetic testing results of our two embryos from our second round of IVF yesterday. Results below!

I’m going to make this one quick because:

  1. I’ve had a long day.

  2. I cried on the way home. I cried at the dinner table.

  3. Cory is waiting for me to watch an episode of Breaking Bad upstairs (#addicted #totheshow #nottometh #dontworry).

I received a call from the embryology lab yesterday morning. It was another round of phone tag all morning like when I received the results from our first cycle’s genetic testing (read about it here). Cory came to my office during lunch to await the return call from the lab. At 12:15 PM, a nice woman named Susan told us on speaker phone that both of our embryos came back genetically normal! We now have three genetically normal embryos.

What comes next?

I have several uterine evaluations scheduled over the next two weeks. A hysterosalpingogram (HSG), a Trial Embryo Transfer (TET), a Doppler Ultrasound, and an office Hysteroscopy (HYST). I’m still not 100% sure what all of these things mean yet, but I’m excited to learn more about my uterus. (If you have info or advice, leave me a comment below!)

After my procedures, my doctor will give us a recommendation about our success rate of having two children with the three embryos we have and my specific (funky) uterus. (We really want two children.) We are preparing ourselves for him to recommend another egg retrieval to bank more embryos. According to my IVF nurse, “Your chances of pregnancy (to fetal heart beat at 7 weeks) with each transfer are upwards of 60-70%, but you do have a complicated uterine environment!” There is no guarantee that a genetically normal embryo will lead to a full-term baby…especially because unicornuate uteruses have a 37% miscarriage rate.

Okay - that is my mental and emotional capacity for tonight. To be completely transparent, I’m not coping well right now. It’s a combination of a really stressful work week, the roller coaster of IVF, getting sick, and the extra pressure of the busy holiday season. Oh yeah, I’m on my period now too (HORMONES ALERT!). I appreciate your grace and understanding for my less than bedazzled blog post tonight!