Guest Writer Wednesday: Zena's Unicornuate Uterus Story

Guest writer, Zena, a woman with a unicornuate uterus from Norwich, England, shares her story! She hopes to provide hope to other women with unicornuate uteruses. Please welcome Zena (and her lovely daughter Amber!) to the Unicorn Mission!

Better Late than Never!

Hi my name is Zena. This is my unicornuate uterus story. I'm sharing this to give others hope.

In 2012 at 41-years-old l was pregnant. My husband and I were ecstatic. Sadly l started bleeding at 8 weeks and went to the Early Pregnancy Unit were l found out there was no heart beat. I was advised to go back the next for a D and C. The Dr did an internal investigation but strangely he told me they had lost the photo that was taken. I was misdiagnosed with a bicornuate uterus. I was sent home bewildered and heartbroken.

After having an MRI scan, l was finally diagnosed with a unicornuate uterus with a rudimentary non-communicating left horn. It was a difficult time for me. There was not a lot of information available, and my GP was not familiar with the condition. So of course l Googled the condition and found a great group on Facebook just for ladies with unicornuate uteruses.

I got sent for a scan off my kidneys and nobody had explained why l needed this. The consultant l saw did not show much empathy. She basically said l was too old for IVF, and if l did get pregnant again l had 70% chance of not carrying the baby full term and had a high rate of miscarriage. I left that meeting in tears.

Amazingly l fell pregnant again at the age of 45 (not planned but a result of a romantic Valentines evening!).

To be totally honest, Il was permanently worried throughout my pregnancy and was in denial that l was actually pregnant .I was even labelled a geriatric mother, nice!

I dreaded every midwife's appointment, and l wouldn't sleep the night before every scan. l did have to have daily injections from 28 weeks and my feet looked like Shrek's.

I was sent to hospital by my midwife because l had too much protein in my wee at 35 weeks.

I ended up being in hospital for 20 days. (l had tried everything on the menu and was feeling a little institutionalised.)

Zena and daughter Amber

Zena and daughter Amber

We had planned a consultant-led natural birth but ended up having an emergency c-section because the baby’s heartbeat was dropping and my blood pressure was rising.

So, l finally had a little girl who was 4 weeks premature but healthy. She weighed weighed 5 pounds 10 ounces and didn't need to go to special care (just as well because it was full). We had our own special transitional midwife from NICU on the ward.

After staying in for another week, we were finally allowed home.

So Amber is now a very active 2:8 year old. Every time she has a meltdown in the supermarket l have to remind myself she is a gift!

What l wanted to say to other ladies with this condition is never give up hope and it's never too late.

Bio: I live in Norwich with my husband, daughter, and our two cats. l work part-time in a day nursery. For fun and fitness and for some 'mummy time' l play netball, l run around thinking l'm 17 (actual age 47 years young) then the next day l'm usually stiff and sore! I'm addicted to Freddo Frogs and watching box sets. I try to catch up with friends and go to the cinema or coffee and cake, my clubbing days are sadly over. Being a mummy means waking up early when that little voice shouts "Mummy" from her bedroom at 6 am.

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