Welcome to Embrace Your Unicorn,

a blog that uses sharing your story as a gateway to catharsis and to cultivate awareness, community, and compassion. 

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I'm glad you're here.

Everyone has a story to tell. Their unique "unicorn" story. And I want this blog to be the space to share it. 

When I process my story out loud (or in writing), it helps me understand myself. When I get to listen to a friend process her story out loud, it helps her understand herself...it helps me understand her...it even helps me understand myself too.

Everyone understanding everyone...oh the beauty!

The inspiration for this blog was so perfectly summarized by the powerful Hannah Gadsby during her Netflix special, Nanette. She said:

“What I would have done to have heard a story like mine. Not for blame. Not for reputation. Not for money. Not for power. But to feel less alone. To feel connected. I want my story heard because, ironically, I believe Picasso was right. I believe we could paint a better world if we learned how to see it from all perspectives. As many perspectives as we possibly could. Because diversity is strength. Difference is a teacher. Fear difference, you learn nothing."

So, I ask you: How is your perspective different, and what do you have to teach us? 

Embrace your unicorn. Share your story.